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Constructive Dismissal Lawyer North York TorontoHas your employer changed your shifts, work location, or reduced your compensation or benefits? If so, this action may constitute constructive dismissal. Though every employee’s situation will vary, you have the right to be protected against constructive dismissal and take action against your employer to defend your rights.

Constructive dismissal can take place in many forms. As an employee, it can often be challenging to know when your rights have been breached. You might feel like you must go along with what your employer says to protect your income, or you may simply not know that what they are doing is wrong. If your working conditions have been changed in a negative way contacting a constructive dismissal lawyer is your first step.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Constructive Dismissal

What Is Constructive Dismissal?

Constructive dismissal takes place when an employer makes a significant change to an employee’s contract of employment without the consent of the employee. Examples of constructive dismissal include changes in duties, reduced status, salary or benefits and threats of dismissal. Often the circumstances surrounding constructive dismissal forces an employee to quit.

Does Restructuring Count As Constructive Dismissal?

Restructuring of an organization or branch of a company might constitute constructive dismissal. Restructuring happens frequently in our ever-changing world. To understand if your change in role after corporate restructuring would be considered constructive dismissal you should contact an employment lawyer.

Do I Have To Speak With HR Before Speaking With a Lawyer?

You do not need to speak with your HR department before obtaining the advice of an employment lawyer. You may wish to speak with an employment lawyer to fully understand your rights before you choose to take action or accept the conditions of your employment.

How Much Time Do I Have To Act?

If you feel you have been constructively dismissed you should obtain the help of an employment lawyer quickly. By not taking action you could be seen as to be accepting of the changes to your job. Don’t delay if you feel your employer is using constructive dismissal against you.

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