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Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer North York TorontoHas your employer dismissed you or taken you off your workplace schedule abruptly? In Ontario, employers must provide reasonable notice of termination to all employees. If you have been let go from your job without being given sufficient notice you may have been wrongfully dismissed. Wrongful dismissal applies to terminations of employment without cause or with cause when the reason for termination is unjustifiable.

As an employee, it is important that you understand your rights. If your employer terminates your employment, they may have to provide you with either working notice or pay in lieu of notice. It can be difficult to determine how much time or pay in lieu of notice you are entitled to. hat’s why you should always contact a wrongful dismissal lawyer before you sign a termination package.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wrongful Dismissal

How Do I Know if I’ve Been Wrongfully Dismissed?

If you have been working for an employer for any period of time it can be challenging to know if you’ve been wrongfully dismissed. Consider speaking with a wrongful termination lawyer before you sign any termination package.

Do I Need to Contact my Union First?

If you are a member of a union, it may be beneficial to speak with a union representative about your termination. You do not need to contact your union prior to obtaining advice from a wrongful firing attorney. Consider obtaining the assistance of a wrongful dismissal lawyer that regularly works with unionized employees.

Will I Get a Settlement?

The amount of money you will receive from a termination package will vary based on the amount of time you have spent with a company. Other factors may also play into the monetary amount of your termination package. To get the termination package you deserve, always speak with a wrongful dismissal lawyer before signing a termination package.

Can I Be Given My Job Back?

There are some cases where an employee may be reinstated. This generally applies to situations where the termination constitutes discrimination or a human rights violation. It is always best to obtain the assistance of a wrongful dismissal lawyer when you are looking to be reinstated.

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