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Human Rights Lawyer In North York TorontoAre you concerned that your employer has breached your human rights in the workplace? In order to protect yourself in the workplace, it is critical that you know your rights and understand the obligations of your employer. If you do not know whether or not your employer is required to accommodate your unique human rights needs in the workplace, you should consider reaching out to a human rights lawyer. At Soni Law Firm, we are the human rights lawyers Toronto employees’ trust. Let us help you understand your rights as an employee and fight for you if your human rights have been breached.

If you feel that your employer is not accommodating your human rights, the experts at Soni Law Firm can help. Depending on your unique circumstances we can represent you before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, Canadian Human Rights Tribunal or the Superior Court of Justice. We are experienced in helping you defend your human rights and are your first-choice employee rights attorney in Toronto.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wrongful Dismissal

Does my employer need to accommodate my disability?

Employees with disabilities have the right to be provided with the equipment, services or devices that allow them to do their job. Employers are required to accommodate employees with disabilities up to the point that it would cause undue hardship.

Is my employer required to give me time off for holy days?

Employers should try to accommodate time off requests for employees’ religious holy days. This does not guarantee that every holy day related time off requested will be granted. Unless it would cause undue hardship, an employer does have a duty to accommodate an employee’s creed. If you feel your employer is not doing this, it is important to protect your rights and consult with a human rights employment lawyer.

Can my employer ask me to take a drug test?

Your employer should not be asking you to take a test for drug or alcohol use unless it is directly connected to your job. There are some circumstances where it may be reasonable for an employer to ask this of you. If you have a disability, such as former dependence on drugs or alcohol, your employer cannot discriminate against you based on this.

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Why Soni Law Firm

At Soni Law Firm we are a boutique labour, employment, and human rights litigation firm. We provide our clients with expert counsel whether they are unionized, contract or regular employees. We are a well-established firm that holds a strong track record of success in defending human rights issues for employees.

If you feel that your employer could be breaching your human rights, it is best to consult with a human rights lawyer. Let the experts at Soni Law Firm help you understand and defend your human rights as an employee.