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soni blog nepotism in the workplace speech small

Is nepotism in the workplace illegal?

Favouritism and nepotism can sap the morale of a workforce. It gives the impression that not everybody plays by the same rules. However, the nature of human interaction and interpersonal relationships can make it difficult for employers to identify and address nepotism and favouritism. At what point does praising and rewarding a high performing employee become favouritism? When is hiring a family member into the organization ‘preferential’? Is there anything employers can do to reduce nepotism and favouritism in the […]

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soni blog employee health benefits in ontario speeech bubble

Employee health benefits in Ontario explained

Health benefits were once an almost assured part of working full time in Canada. In recent years, however, fewer and fewer employers offer health benefits to their employees. Many cite the need to reduce staffing costs and keep operational costs low. Especially with the rise of part-time employment, contractual positions, consulting roles and the ‘gig economy’, employees too have stopped expecting health benefits as a given. For so many millennials and fresh graduates, health benefits are merely a ‘perk’ of […]

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soni blog vacation day

Ontario’s confusing vacation days and leave explained (hint: it’s mostly unpaid)

Ontario has quite a confusing system of holidays for employees. Some are paid, but most are unpaid. This article will demystify leaves of absence, vacation days and paid time off for you are entitled to as an employee*. There are four main types of leave an employee can take in Ontario: Vacation days – Paid vacation time that every employee in Ontario is entitled to. Leave of absence – Entitlement to unpaid sick leave, family responsibility leave and bereavement leave. […]

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soni blog promotion variation

Passed over for a promotion? These reasons are illegal

Been passed over for promotion? Seeing your colleagues get promoted while you’ve been left behind will be demoralizing for anyone. Employers may come up with reasons such as ‘insufficient interpersonal skills’, ‘lacking vision’, ‘insufficient performance’, or ‘creating a poisonous work environment’ to justify overlooking you for promotion. From the point of view of the employee, there can be no greater injustice. However, an employer may have valid reasons for skipping someone for promotion. In this article we are looking at […]

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soni law pay stub

Your Pay Stub Explained

Who doesn’t wait for their ‘pay stub’ or ‘pay slip’. What was once a printed sheet of paper has become electronic for many, but the significance and importance of the pay stub cannot be understated. There are laws not just against not paying employees, there are laws about recording how much is paid too. The pay stub is a crucial employment right for all workers. It empowers you, the employee, making sure you understand exactly how much you are earning. […]

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soni law employee misconduct1

Demystifying ‘employee misconduct’

The trouble with trying to explain ‘employee misconduct’ is simple: few people actually understand what misconduct is. Is an inability to complete all your work during the day misconduct? Is sending poorly vetted contracts misconduct? Is being verbally abusive to your colleagues misconduct? Is it misconduct if someone hurls abuse or hits a co-worker? In common parlance, yes, they are all misconduct. But they are all significantly different in terms of seriousness of misconduct. Also, since people gauge the seriousness […]

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soni blog long term disability termination

Can an Employee Receiving Long Term Disability Benefits be Fired?

This article covers one of the most sensitive subjects in employment. Terminating an employee receiving long term disability benefits is a very delicate topic. It is unfair for the employee if their employer shows apathy; for an employer insurance payments can amount to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per month. Let’s break down some realities of long term disability in Ontario from the point of view of employers and employees: The employee needs time to recuperate and recover He […]

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soni blog severance pay ontario

Work in Ontario? Your Severance Pay May Have Just Taken a Hit

Think your severance pay is limited to the 26 weeks’ cap laid down by the Employment Standards Act? Think again. Severance pay has proven to be an extremely subjective area of employment law. A recent case decided by the Court of Appeal for Ontario may have just pared back courts’ increasingly generous severance awards. This article will discuss how your entitlement to severance pay in Ontario may have taken a hit. Read on to understand Courts’ approach to reasonable notice […]

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soni blog - facebook ads discrimination

Can Facebook Ads (Accidentally) Fall Foul of Employment Discrimination in Hiring

Facebook is finding itself at the centre of a furore about enabling discrimination in hiring. Allegations that its ad platform lets employers exclude people from recruitment processes have rocked not just Facebook but the wider digital recruitment space. Facebook’s job advertising platform is being accused of enabling age and gender discrimination The matter came to light when an application for a class action lawsuit against Facebook and Facebook Canada was filed. Its basis: the Facebook ads platform allows companies to […]

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soni blog - resignation letter employment law ontario

Resignation Letter Can be Taken Back Else Wrongful Dismissal Ontario Court of Appeal Says

‘Can I take back my resignation letter?’ That’s been a question for the ages for both employees and employers in Ontario. Over the years Ontario courts have tried to forge a path of certainty, however, resignation remains a subjective part of employment law Ontario. Typically, to asses if a resignation can be withdrawn two aspects of the resignation are looked at: Was resignation clear and unequivocal? Did the employer rely on resignation to its detriment? Seemingly, the Court of Appeal […]

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