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Employee Rights

Is Insubordination Just Cause for Termination In Canada?

Has your employer recently dismissed you with cause claiming insubordination or insolence? If so, you may be wondering if this is a justifiable reason for you to have been dismissed. Within Canada, there are specific grounds that may justify your employer to dismiss y...

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Is My Non-Compete Clause Enforceable In Canada?

When you first signed your employment contract, you may have been asked to sign a non-compete clause. Non-compete clauses are common, particularly in instances where an employee would be able to provide services similar to their employer outside of their workplace env...

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Can I Claim Constructive Dismissal In Canada If I Resign In Canada?

Has your employer made changes to your conditions of employment without your consent? Changes in duties, reduced status, reduction in salary or benefits and threats of dismissal can all be examples of constructive dismissal. When these changes are made, employees ofte...

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T4 Slip: Deadlines, summary and what information employers need to include

Tax season is upon us! Hundreds of thousands of people around Ontario will be panicking about finding their ‘T4 form’. But what is the T4? Why is it so important? In this article we will explain your T4 and how important it is for filing tax. As an employee you should know what your T4 slip says. Ho...

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soni blog dependent contractor

Economically ‘dependent contractors’ in Ontario entitled to reasonable notice period

The growing gig economy in Canada was once limited to more temporary arrangements, such as ride-sharing and informal assignments with freelancers. However, the lure of flexible employment has attracted employers and workers from all fields. Today, it is not uncommon for chief executives too to be...

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soni blog travel allowance

Does a business have to reimburse all expenses? Travel allowance explained

Do you, an employer, have to pay for your employee’s late night soirée while he or she is away on work for you? If that was the case, hotel minibars would be a lot emptier after a night of stay than they are currently.  

So, do you have to reimburse your employees wi...

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soni blog maternity and parental leave pay and benefits

How much do you get paid during maternity leave?

Canada has one of the strongest maternity/parental leave and benefits systems in the world. Certainly, it’s a lot better than our American neighbours to the ...

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soni blog nepotism in the workplace speech small

Is nepotism in the workplace illegal?

Favouritism and nepotism can sap the morale of a workforce. It gives the impression that not everybody plays by the same rules. However, the nature of human interaction and interpersonal relationships can make it difficult for employers to identify and address nepotism and favouritism. At what po...

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soni blog employee health benefits in ontario speeech bubble

Employee health benefits in Ontario explained

Health benefits were once an almost assured part of working full time in Canada. In recent years, however, fewer and fewer employers offer health benefits to their employees. Many cite the need to reduce staffing costs and keep operational costs low. Especially with the rise of part-time employme...

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soni blog vacation day

Ontario’s confusing vacation days and leave explained (hint: it’s mostly unpaid)

Ontario has quite a confusing system of holidays for employees. Some are paid, but most are unpaid. This article will demystify leaves of absence, vacation days and paid time off for you are entitled to as an employee*. There are four main types of leave an employee can take in Ontario:


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