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If you are a contract or fixed-term employee, it is important to understand your rights. Many contract employees are not aware that they are entitled to many of the same rights as “regular” or full-time employees in a similar position. Hiring employees for contract work is a common form of employment whether it be for seasonal requirements or covering regular employee absences.  At Soni Law Firm we believe that it is important for you to understand your rights and entitlements as a contract employee.

If you are a contract employee that has concerns about the terms of your employment, do not hesitate to reach out to a qualified contract lawyer. At Soni Law Firm we are experienced in assisting contract and fixed-term employees in understanding and defending their rights. We are the employment contract lawyer Toronto employees trust. You do not have to feel like a second-class employee just because you are a contract employee. Contact us today to book a consultation to review your contract and ensure your employer is fulfilling their requirements as an employer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wrongful Dismissal

How can I know if I am being wrongfully labelled as an independent contractor?

Independent contractors are different from contract employees. In some cases, an employer may mislabel a contract employee as an independent contractor in an attempt to deny the worker of their rights as an employee. In general, independent contractors operate as a business and determine how, when or where work is performed. Employees can terminate contracts with an independent contractor, but they cannot discipline them. For a better understanding of contract employment vs independent contractor work see Ontario’s employee status information page.

Should I be paid the same as other employees?

If you are a contract or fixed-term employee, you may be wondering what an appropriate wage may be. Though you may not be a regular employee of your workplace you should be receiving equal pay for equal work. Though there may be reasons why one employee may receive more than you, generally you are entitled to equal pay for the same work as other non-contract employees.

Am I entitled to time off for illness as a contract employee?

If you have been working for an employer for at least two consecutive weeks you should be entitled to up to three sick days per year. These sick days may or may not be paid for under your employment contract.

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Soni Law Firm is a boutique employment, human rights, and labour litigation firm. We provide our clients with expert counsel for all types of employment situations including unionized workers and contract employees.

We are a well-established firm with a strong track record. If you are a contract or fixed-term worker who has concerns about your treatment or rights within the workplace, do not hesitate to contact Soni Law Firm. We are here to help you know your rights and the responsibilities of your employer. Book your free consultation with us today.