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Have you recently been terminated from your place of employment and feel that the circumstances surrounding your termination are unfair or untrue? If you have been terminated with cause it is a good idea to contact a termination lawyer to ensure that your rights as an employee have not been breached and you are not being taken advantage of.

At Soni Law Firm we are committed to assisting our clients with understanding their rights as an employee and the obligations of their employer. We are here to listen to your concerns about your termination and represent you at any stage of the dispute process between you and your employer. Contact us today to discuss your unique circumstances.

Types of Dismissal Services

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Frequently Asked Questions About Employment Dismissal

What Constitutes Termination with Just Cause?

Termination with cause is not for minor workplace issues and should be reserved only for instances where severe misconduct has taken place. Examples of reasons why an employee might be dismissed with cause include insubordination, assault, or theft.

What Is Wrongful Termination?

Wrongful termination, often referred to as wrongful dismissal takes place when an employer terminates employment without providing reasonable notice. Wrongful dismissal does not mean that your employer was wrong to dismiss you, but the manner in which they did it may be.

What Types of Termination Disputes do You Assist With?

At Soni Law firm we assist clients who have been wrongfully dismissed, unfairly dismissed and constructively dismissed. We also assist clients who have had their employment terminated due to what the employer alleges is just cause.

Why Choose Soni Law Firm?

At Soni Law Firm we are a boutique labour, employment, and human rights litigation firm. We provide our clients with expert counsel whether they are unionized, contract or regular employees. We are a well-established firm that holds a strong track record of success in defending rights for employees who have been wrongfully terminated.

If you feel that your termination of employment had been unfair or unjustified, contact us today. We are the termination lawyers Toronto employees trust.