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Disability Insurance Lawyer North York Toronto

If you have recently become disabled and are no longer able to work, you may be struggling to make sense of your long-term disability insurance policy. Whether your insurance claim has been denied or it is not what you feel you should have received, an experienced disability insurance lawyer can help you make sense of your long-term disability insurance policy.

Allow the experts at Soni Law Firm to assist you in disputing your insurance claim denial or let us help you ensure you obtain the benefit you deserve. We are ready to assist you in understanding your policy and aiding you in getting the benefit amount you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wrongful Dismissal

Can You Help Me Obtain More Benefits Than I Was Approved For?

If your claim has been accepted but you are not receiving the benefit amount that you had expected, you may be able to dispute the amount received. Choosing a qualified disability insurance lawyer to represent you through the dispute process will be your best bet at obtaining a benefit amount that reflects the support you deserve.

Can You Assist Me in Disputing a Denial of Claim?

If your long-term disability insurance claim has been denied an experienced disability insurance lawyer can help. Get the expert advice and support of a lawyer to assist you in fighting for your legitimate claim to long-term disability insurance.

Can I Claim Disability Insurance for Sickness?

Your long-term disability insurance should not apply only to scenarios of physical injury or accidents. Many individuals claim long-term disability insurance for illnesses such as cancer, chronic pain and mental health concerns. A qualified disability insurance lawyer will assist you in making sense of your policy and disputing your insurance claims that are denied due to illness.

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