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How to Write a Termination Letter

How to Write a Termination Letter: Templates and Resources for Employers

There are a variety of reasons why an employer may need to terminate the employment of an individual working within their organization. Though many employees are often surprised to learn this, employers are allowed to terminate employment at any time and for any reason so long as the reason is not discriminatory in nature. However, knowing how to terminate an employee can create uncertainty for employers who have little experience with doing so. A termination letter is an important piece […]

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Can an Employer Contest the Formation of a Union

Can an Employer Contest the Formation of a Union? Rahul Soni, Employment Lawyer, Comments on the Formation of the Canadian Men’s Soccer Team’s Players Union

Exciting things have been happening for the Canadian Men’s soccer team, and like any success story, there have been bumps along the way. With the team qualifying for the FIFA World Cup, players have made advocating for their interests and a fair share of their qualifying bonus a top priority. This has led to the players forming a player’s union, organizing their efforts, and allowing them to bring a concise voice to the negotiation table. It’s not every day that […]

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What You Need to Know About Resignation Letters

What You Need to Know About Resignation Letters

If you have recently accepted a position with a new employer, you likely have mixed feelings. Often employees are excited about their new role yet feel some sadness or even stress surrounding submitting their resignation to their current employment. Whether you can’t get away from your current employment fast enough or are going to miss where you currently work dearly, you’re going to want to submit a letter of resignation. At Soni Law Firm, we have helped our clients navigate […]

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Can an Employer Reduce My Hours While Recovering from an Injury

Can an Employer Reduce My Hours While Recovering from an Injury?

In a recent Globe and Mail article, Rahul Soni, barrister and solicitor of Soni Law Firm, was asked to answer a question provided by a reader. In this article, the reader had stated that they had obtained an injury outside of work and was unable to work in their usual department while healing from the injury. The employer moved the reader from their typical department to the front cash though this move came with a reduction of hours, cutting the […]

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How Do I Write a Resignation Letter to HR

How Do I Write a Resignation Letter to HR?

Have you just been offered a new job and are now dreading the fact that you’ll have to resign from your current one? Though it might seem like a straightforward task, many employees get anxious about resigning and often overthink the process of writing a resignation letter. In this blog post, we outline what you should know about resignation letters and guide you through writing one. Though leaving your job can often feel stressful and leave you with mixed emotions, […]

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Can You Be Laid Off While on Sick Leave

Can You Be Laid Off While on Sick Leave?

There are countless reasons why an employee may need to take sick leave. Whether you are taking a time to recover from an illness, injury, or other medical events it is important to understand your rights as an employee. All workplaces in Ontario are required to provide three days of unpaid, job-protected sick leave each year. However, many workplaces have policies allowing for paid sick days or additional sick leave benefits.

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Can You Be Fired for Not Getting a Vaccine

Can You Be Fired for Not Getting a Vaccine?

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, employers and employees have been faced with many unprecedented challenges. One of the most controversial and debated issues in the workplace has been vaccine mandates. Though for some, the idea of vaccine mandates related to the work environment can feel inflammatory, there is precedent for their existence. Many employees want to know, can my employer fire me for not getting the vaccine? Though in many cases, yes, an employer can fire you for refusing to get […]

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Quid Pro Quo Harassment

Quid Pro Quo Harassment – What You Need to Know

Workplace sexual harassment can take place in many different forms and is something that both employers and employees need to be aware of. Though it can’t be defined as just one behaviour, sexual harassment always includes discrimination based on sex and is exceptionally harmful to those who experience it. Employers have a duty to take steps to prevent sexual harassment and must address complaints of sexual harassment, ensuring a safe environment for all employees. In our previous article, What is […]

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can you be fired for no reason in ontario

Can You Get Fired for No Reasons in Ontario?

Being terminated from your places of employment can be a very difficult life event to navigate. Beyond the emotions that may arise from such an event, you are also tasked with the stress of finding new employment. At Soni Law Firm, we have worked with clients who have felt blindsided by being let go from their place of employment without a cause. Most often, our client’s wonder, can an employer fire you without cause and can you get fired for […]

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What is Age Discrimination in the Workplace?

In Ontario, every individual has the right to not be discriminated against when it comes to specific prohibited grounds of discrimination under the Human Rights Code. Discrimination based on age is one of the prohibited grounds that are the Human Rights Code protects against. In the workplace, age discrimination can occur in many different forms. Though it is against human rights, age discrimination is something that some employers overlook. If you feel you are being discriminated against at work based […]

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