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soni blog workplace harassment

Don’t Wait! You Have to Stop Workplace Harassment Now

Workplace harassment has been recognized as a serious concern by the government. In fact, the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act mandates that employers must investigate suspected harassment. And no wonder, Statistics Canada’s figures of 19% of women and 13% of men experiencing workplace harassment in the past year make for worrying reading. Especially since harassment takes such an emotional and mental toll on a person. Not only is harassment in the workplace unacceptable, it stops you from building a […]

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soni blog wrongful dismissal

Know Your Rights: 5 Examples to Help You Understand Wrongful Dismissal

Wrongful dismissal, oftentimes referred to as unfair dismissal, is an area of employment law that is not readily understood. There are many reasons for this. While it sounds obvious, not every termination matter involves a wrongful dismissal element. Also, many people don’t appreciate that they are probably due better terms of termination than they have been offered. If that’s the case, then how do you know if you have been wrongfully dismissed? What is wrongful dismissal? Your ex-employer can fall […]

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soni law blog stress leave

How to ask for stress leave from your doctor? A break may be better than burnout

One in five Canadians experiences mental health problems every year according to the Mental Health Commission of Canada. And workplace stress is one of the biggest contributors to this statistic. Did you know 1 in 4 Canadians leaves his/ her job because of stress? Still more consider quitting due to stress. Workplace stress has to be expected to some level, any reasonable person would say. After all, deadlines, performance targets and responsibility will all cause stress. However, sustained or undue […]

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Following a Wrongful Termination: Employee’s Duty to Mitigate

To the Employee,  A sudden termination or dismissal is probably your worst nightmare. “Why did I get fired? What do I do now?” You may feel frustrated. You may wish to seek legal advice. You may want to go to Court. While this is your personal choice, your responsibilities do not end at the notice of termination, nor does it end at filing papers for Court. You must mitigate your situation with all reasonable efforts. What does this mean though? […]

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soni law blog sexual harassment constructive dismissal

How can sexual harassment in the workplace lead to constructive dismissal?

A recent decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal has shed light on “re-victimization” those who have suffered sexual harassment in the workplace. It is a shocking tale of a company that fired, and then re-hired, a man against whom there were credible sexual harassment complaints. This case, Colistro v Tbaytel, raises a number of interesting questions. What’s more, it brings some much needed empathy for victims of sexual harassment. And it shows how flexibly constructive dismissal laws can be […]

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soni blog equal pay for equal work pay equity act canada

The Significance of The Equal Pay Act Canada. What’s In It For You?

The equal pay act – three simple words that hope to cure decades of income inequality based on gender. For the longest time, ‘equal pay’ symbolized women being paid less than men for the same work. Today, the equal pay act Canada covers a changed social context – and protects men, women and the gender diverse. Make no mistake: equal pay for equal work is still a work in progress. Canada’s ‘Equal Pay for Equal Work’ laws have helped drive […]

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soni blog at will employment canada

What rights do you have if you are in ‘at will’ employment?

Canada doesn’t have at will employment, right? Then why is that your contract states ‘at will’. And why is it that you just been fired without prior notice. In this article we break down the realities of at will employment Canada workers have to face. If it looks like at will, talks like at will, and behaves like at will – yes, it’s probably at will employment. You’ve read it time and again on the internet, the Employment Standards Act […]

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Are You Aware of The New Law That Changes The Way Overtime Pay Is Calculated?

Are you ready for the major changes in your overtime pay that Ontario’s got in store for you? The province recently passed a new law in April, bringing significant changes to the Employment Standards Act, 2000. So why does the Toronto Star report that it gives “the green light to employers to demand that workers work more but get paid less”? Eye-catching named, ‘Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act, 2019’, the law brings a raft of changes. Of note are changes to […]

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Confused About EI For Self Employed? All Your Questions Answered

The Employment Insurance (EI) program in Canada provides a valuable safety net for workers in Canada. There is, however, a misconception that only salaried employees can enjoy the protections under this scheme. Simply, self employed individuals can register for EI special benefits as well. It can even be argued that, with greater uncertainties around work, income-replacement that EI provides is more relevant for someone who is self employed. In this article we explain the EI special benefits scheme for the […]

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Can I Be Dismissed For Insubordination? Learn About What The Canadian Law Says

Trying to find a one-size-fits-all answer for whether you can be fired for insubordination can be a fool’s errand. Just like office interaction can range from cordial to hostile – and everything in between – instances of insubordination can be similarly varied and subjective. Instead, let’s try and answer questions of insubordination with what we do know. If you feel you have been wrongfully or unjustly dismissed, get in touch with an experienced employment lawyer Toronto. What is insubordination Insubordination […]

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