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Confused About EI For Self Employed? All Your Questions Answered

The Employment Insurance (EI) program in Canada provides a valuable safety net for workers in Canada. There is, however, a misconception that only salaried employees can enjoy the protections under this scheme. Simply, self employed individuals can register for EI special benefits as well. It can even be argued that, with greater uncertainties around work, income-replacement that EI provides is more relevant for someone who is self employed. In this article we explain the EI special benefits scheme for the […]

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Can I Be Dismissed For Insubordination? Learn About What The Canadian Law Says

Trying to find a one-size-fits-all answer for whether you can be fired for insubordination can be a fool’s errand. Just like office interaction can range from cordial to hostile – and everything in between – instances of insubordination can be similarly varied and subjective. Instead, let’s try and answer questions of insubordination with what we do know. If you feel you have been wrongfully or unjustly dismissed, get in touch with an experienced employment lawyer Toronto. What is insubordination Insubordination […]

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Trying To Understand Maternity Leave, Ontario? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Ontario’s maternity laws try and give new parents the time they need to bond with their newborn or adopted child. In fact, the policies try and make sure both parents get time to spend with their child and child-rearing duties are shared equally. Employers are, of course, free to offer benefits and leave beyond what is prescribed by the province’s rules, but cannot reduce entitlement to maternity leave prescribed under the law. Maternity leave is divided into two broad categories: […]

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Concerned About a Wrongful Dismissal? Find Out How You Can Contest It

“Your services are no longer required!” That’s a statement straight out of every employee’s worst nightmares. If this has been an unwavering cause of distress for you as well, do not fret over the dreadful possibilities. Sit back and analyze the situation thoroughly. We can help. For starters, you need to realize that it’s not just a statement that an employer can use, as per his will, for terminating your employment. Your employer is bound by the Canadian Employment Law, […]

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Looking to Learn More About Severance Pay? Here Is All That You Need To Know

Losing a job can be difficult for anyone. However, as daunting as it may be, it is important to know your legal rights so that you don’t end up with the raw end of the deal. One such aspect of job termination is severance pay. By definition, the term refers to the compensation that an employer pays an employee when the employer terminates the employee from the job for no fault of the latter. In Canada, generally all employees, except […]

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T4 vs. Incorporated Contract Laborers: Learn The Difference

Home to thousands of newcomers, especially in recent times, Canada has generated numerous employment opportunities. As the Canadian market brims with jobs, it becomes equally important to demarcate the definitions of the diverse kinds of labour. Many might regard the distinction in the types of employment a mere difference in terminology. However, one must be aware of the implications that employment conditions have on their income, taxation and the overall operations of work. T4 Employees Once an employer hires an employee […]

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All About the Ontario Government’s Pay Transparency Legislation

Canada has always been a country that strongly invests in the mental health of its workers. The Canadian government has put into place many laws so as to ensure that employees have a safe working environment. With an influx of immigrants travelling to the country to find jobs and start a new lifestyle, government intervention has become all the more imperative. The Ontario Government’s Pay Transparency Legislation is one such initiative. Many newcomers bring to Canada practices from their countries […]

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Connection between Human Rights Law and Pregnancy

The Canadian Human Rights Act proscribes any kind of discrimination with regards to pregnancy. Pregnancy-related inequity is considered a type of gender discrimination because only the female gender can conceive and carry a child. Unfair practices towards pregnancy like ill-treatment, denial to employ or endorse, dissolution of employment, or provocation and harassment, are all against the law under the above lawful act. Pregnant women should be able to enjoy the fundamental human rights in the workplace encouraging equality of opportunity […]

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Can a Negative Employment Reference be Considered Defamation?

A letter of reference from a previous employer usually plays the key role of a determinant of whether the candidate in consideration will bag the job he or she really wants. This is the most prevalent method for recruiters to get an elaborate understanding of a candidate’s potential and to authenticate all the information given by the candidate in the hiring process. Similarly, a negative reference reduces the chances of the candidate to get the job offer and may end […]

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Your Rights on Medical Leave

Everyone gets sick at some time or another, and you shouldn’t have to be worrying about your job when you’re trying to get over a serious illness. That’s why Canadian law provides employment protection for workers on medical leave, and it’s important that you know your rights in what can be a stressful and difficult time. Job Security As a general rule, your employer can’t fire you for being off work because you’re sick or injured. That’s not the same […]

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