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What Employees Need to Know About Layoffs

What Employees Need to Know About Layoffs

Getting laid off is a common experience for employees. Yet, many employees do not fully understand what layoffs are. It is important for employees to understand and protect their rights. Knowing what being laid off actually means, and what you should do when you are laid off, will help to ensure you are treated fairly within the workplace.

At Soni Law Firm, we are the employment lawyer Toronto employees trust when looking for help with navigating a layoff. We understand that you have questions about layoffs and want to ensure you are being treated fairly by your employer. In this post, we answer common questions about layoffs to help you be more informed about your rights as an employee. If you have been laid off and aren’t sure what to do next, book a free consultation with the experts at Soni Law Firm.

What is a Layoff?

Though you may have heard of layoffs, you might not know exactly what they are. When someone is laid off, they are let go from their place of employment. Layoffs can be either temporary or permanent and are not related to the work performance of an individual employee. Instead, layoffs are related to operational needs and often coincide with poor economic performance. Like other types of termination, adequate notice, or pay in lieu of notice, is required to be provided to employees. If you have concerns about the circumstances of your layoff, speaking with a severance lawyer is a good idea.

Can Someone Be Laid Off for No Reason?

Many employees wonder, can you be laid off for no reason, when they feel blindsided by a layoff. Though layoffs can be frustrating and upsetting to employees, they are not the same as being terminated from employment. Layoffs generally take place due to operational needs and are not related to the work performance of employees. The reason for a layoff should never be personal. However, it is important for employees to understand that they can be let go or fired from their place of employment for no reason, so long as adequate notice or severance pay is given. Our post, Can You Get Fired for No Reason in Ontario, details what you should know about termination without cause.

Can I be Laid Off While Not Actively Working?

If you are currently not working for reasons such as injury or illness, you may wonder, can I be laid off while on short term disability. Though it may seem unfair, it is possible to be laid off while you are on short-term disability. If you have been laid off while on disability, speaking with a termination lawyer is always a good idea. Though employers are allowed to lay off employees, the reason for the layoff cannot be related to the short term disability. Adequate notice or severance pay must also still be given. Our post, Can I Be Laid Off While on Short Term Disability, offers additional insight into what you can do if you find yourself laid off while on short-term disability.

What Should I Do If I Am Laid Off?

Knowing what to do if laid off can help ensure your rights as an employee are protected. If a layoff is temporary and expected, such as in seasonal downtime, you may not need to do anything and can choose to resume employment when the layoff ends. However, some layoffs can be more complex. If you have concerns about being laid off, speaking with a workplace lawyer is always a smart move.
At Soni Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping employees understand and protect their rights. We know that layoffs are stressful for employees. Let our team of experts help you ensure that you are being treated fairly by your employer in the case of a layoff.

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