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Fired Without Cause?

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Our Employment Lawyers are based in North York (Toronto) and are litigating across Ontario to make sure you get your full compensation entitlements under the law.

  • Terminated without cause;
  • Layoff with no return to work date;
  • Fired for no reason;

Avoid litigation delays and ensure your rights and entitlements are not infringed on.

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Toronto Employment Lawyer | Toronto Employment Lawyer

Rahul Soni

Employment & Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Why Choose Soni Law Firm?

Soni Law Firm is a boutique litigation firm focused on labour law, employment law and wrongful dismissal cases. In today’s world, the law changes faster than ever before and a general understanding may not be enough. You need a trusted employment and labour lawyer to handle your issues. Our dedication to these practice areas allows us to be leaders among our peers and respected by the opposing side.

Soni Law Firm has a proven track record of representing employees who were fired without cause, employers, and unions before the Superior Court of Justice, Ontario Labour Relations Board, Canada Industrial Relations Board, Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, and Ministry of Labour. We are the law firm for cases such as being fired without cause Ontario residents have come to trust. If you feel you were fired for no reason or fired without cause, call us today.

Our Toronto wrongful dismissal lawyers have litigated cases across the province of Ontario. We work with our clients like partners to understand their goals, build a legal strategy, and use all legal tools available to achieve those goals in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

Call Soni Law Firm for your free telephone consultation and find out how our Toronto employment lawyers can help you with your unlawful firing, labour and employment law needs.

"Laid Off" Due to COVID-19?

Just because you were told that you were “laid off” doesn’t mean you have to sit and do nothing. The majority of “COVID-19 Layoffs” may actually be “Constructive Dismissals” and entitle you to Wrongful Termination Damages for unlawful firing. Book your free 15-minute telephone conversation and learn whether you are owed financial compensation for your layoff or sue for wrongful dismissal.

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