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Employment and Labour Law

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Employment and Labour Law

Rahul Soni – Toronto Employment Lawyer

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Soni Law Firm has an established reputation for helping employees and employers with a full range of employment and labour law issues. Our philosophy is to build a strong case from the very first day. This allows us to negotiate effectively and litigate to achieve the best results for our clients.                                                             

We help employees with all types of employment and labour law issues including:

  • Wrongful Dismissal
  • Constructive Dismissal 
  • Severance Packages 
  • Workplace Bullying & Harassment 
  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace 
  • Employment Contracts 
  • Restrictive Covenants 
  • Human Rights Violations 
  • Short Term Disability/Long Term Disability
  • CPP-D/ODSP/EI Applications and Appeals
  • Labour Board Complaints
  • Union Grievances

We strongly believe in advocating for our clients and ensuring they can pursue their legal rights. That is why we offer a variety of fee structures including contingency agreements, hourly rates, and flat rates.

The other side may already be receiving legal advice. We think you should too. Contact Soni Law Firm today for your FREE no-obligation employment and labour law consultation.  

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Rahul founded Soni Law Firm, a boutique employment, labour, and human rights law firm, with the goal of taking his Downtown Toronto litigation experience and making it accessible to Ontario’s Main Street employees and employers.