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Quid Pro Quo Harassment

Quid Pro Quo Harassment – What You Need to Know

Workplace sexual harassment can take place in many different forms and is something that both employers and employees need to be aware of. Though it can’t be defined as just one behaviour, sexual harassment always includes discrimination based on sex and is exceptionally harmful to those who experie...

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What Is Considered Sexual Harassment in The Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is something that all employers and employees should be aware of to keep working environments safe and equitable for all. Though you have likely heard of and understand that sexual harassment is a problem, you may have questions about what constitutes sexual harass...

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Don’t Wait! You Have to Stop Workplace Harassment Now

Workplace harassment has been recognized as a serious concern by the government. In fact, the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act mandates that employers must investigate suspected harassment. And no wonder, Statistics Canada’s figures of 19% of women and 13% of men experiencing w...

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How can sexual harassment in the workplace lead to constructive dismissal?

A recent decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal has shed light on “re-victimization” those who have suffered sexual harassment in the workplace. It is a shocking tale of a company that fired, and then re-hired, a man against whom there were credible sexual harassment complaints. This case, Read More